Wireless Festival to ban swearing and change rules on clothing

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Wireless Festival to ban swearing and change rules on clothing

Set to be brought in from 2019, Wireless Festival will apparently be changing its rules on profanity and explicitness.

Remaining at Finsbury Park in London, the new regulations state that performers should not curse or swear whilst on stage. Out of the hands of festival organizers and festival-goers alike, the controversial rule has been put together by Haringey Council. Further changes include policies surrounding noise levels, opening times and “offensive” clothes.

According to the BBC, this pertains to apparel or accessories which “…exposes the groin, private parts, buttock or female breast(s)“.

The broadcasting company also highlighted that if this year’s festival had occurred next year, the penalties would have been stacked. Not only were most artists cursing, but surprise headliner Drake finished after the 10pm curfew which would have broken yet another rule.

Haringey Council claims that some of the language used by acts on the main stage was “clearly audible and not appropriate” for children. Admission to the festival includes children as young as five years old, but only if they are accompanied by someone over the age of 18.

The local council is apparently making these changes following 67 complaints received this summer. These concerns also included noise levels, drug taking, and anti-social behaviour.

In addition, if Live Nation or any other major organizer for the event don’t show “reasonable efforts” to make sure the rules are followed through, then the festival could be given fines or stopped from being held in Finsbury Park period.

In efforts to still save the fun, The Friends of Finsbury Park have offered an earlier finish and a decrease in available tickets to encourage a smaller attendance. Apparently, many other ideas have also been presented, but consequently ignored.

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Source: BBC

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