Vince Gilligan cements rumours of a full-length ‘Breaking Bad’ movie

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Vince Gilligan cements rumours of a full-length ‘Breaking Bad’ movie

Variety are so often the platform to confirm rumours or speculation on exciting projects, and this time around, the entertainment mag has cemented chatter about a “Breaking Bad” movie with series creator, Vince Gilligan.

Confirmed for 2019, he apparently says that the crew are working on a new film, which directly links to the highly acclaimed series. Furthermore, Gilligan explains that the two-hour motion picture should arrive by next year. The only thing that has not been clarified is whether the film will hit cinemas or a streaming service/TV channel.

In fact, most details around the project are incredibly sparse at this point in time. There was also no mention of a prequel vs current universe vs post-show story, or even whether any of original cast will return. However, The Albuquerque Journal does report the title as “Greenbriar“, but once again this hasn’t set in stone as of yet.

The journal also claims production is set to begin in the Duke City (Albuquerque) soon, scheduled to start mid-November lasting right through ’til early February.

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