Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Created From Fermented Bacteria & Yeast.

Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Created From Fermented Bacteria & Yeast.

Emma Sicher is an Italian designer whose work combines bacterias, yeasts, and food waste to create sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.

Entitled “From Peel to Peel.” the project is aimed to create not only packaging but containers for produce as well. This process is ideal for eco-friendly products, as the packaging is completely biodegradable & also requires minimum energy to create.

The process includes the compiling of material fruit and vegetable scraps, then soaking them in water to make an acetic compound. Microorganisms then turn the fructose and vitamins scraps into a pure cellulose which forms a gelatin-like material.

This final composition is then left to rest for two to four weeks, before being dried at room temperature. After being thoroughly dried, the mixture is consequently transformed into a translucent sheet of material. Fellow Italian designer, Bruno Munari – from whom Sicher was inspired – gave his thoughts by explaining:

“Most food gets packaged in materials that are engineered to last forever, and most of the food has a short life cycle in comparison to its containers,”

Perfect for various dry foods such as flour, pasta & rice. With Sicher’s dream to have this source of products globally. Creating a much more circular economy in regards to the production and breakdown of packaging.

Source: Dezeen

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