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Foster & Partners unveils ‘The Tulip’

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Foster & Partners unveils ‘The Tulip’ – coming to Central London?

Foster & Partners unveils a brand new plan for a visitor attraction in central London.

Currently dubbed ‘The Tulip’ the project aims to enhance it surrounding area bringing a huge tourist attraction to the center of the city.

Estimated to tower over the cities current developments at a massive 1,000 feet.

Aimed to build upon the ideals of London as a forward-thinking and progressive city.

With some amazing features, including huge glass windows and a gondola around the outside of the building.

It will also feature a restaurant and bar and have an educational area branded the ‘classroom in the sky’. Offering 20,000 free places to state school children.

With the environment in mind, the building will operate on a zero-emission heating utilizing photovoltaic cells to generate energy within the building.

The plans for the structure will be exhibited from early next month with an estimated completion date of 2025.

See our gallery for concept art of the structure.

Do you think this is a much-needed development for the capital or could money be better invested in other areas?

Source: Designboom

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