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Instagram Launches Three New Shopping Features

Instagram Launches Three New Shopping Features

As of today, Instagram is introducing three new shopping features within their latest update. One of which includes allowing users to buy products directly from videos that are within their feed.

In addition to purchasing products directly from their feed, users can also add products they want to purchase at a later date to the new “shopping” section. In order to offer products to other users, brands must opt into a business account. The business pages themselves have also been updated. This enables them to showcase products to purchase under a new “shop” section on the profile page. The update organizes the products into rows with the pricing and item name.

This update follows the previous update in September which allowed users to buy items through the Explore channel. Both updates have led many to speculate on what Instagram’s moves will be in the future. Perhaps this is another step towards Instagram offering a full shopping experience later down the line.

Source/Credit: Hypebeast

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