KITH Women’s Workwear 2018 Collection

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 KITH Women’s Workwear 2018 Collection

KITH Women debuts its Workwear collection for the Fall/Winter 2018 season, featuring 22 workwear styles ranging from outerwear to sweatpants.

As the temperatures continue to drop, the corduroy pieces such as the Rya pants and Maya jacket are a necessity. The KITH branding is embroidered subtly on each item in the form of a patch and threaded logo.

Adding vibrancy to the workwear are deep autumn tones such as khaki, earth green, burgundy and mustard yellow. The Alexa Cropped hoodie is also available in shades ranging from “Turtle Dove” to “Medium Indigo”.

Trish sweatpants accompany each of the tops allowing for a range of warm-toned streetwear looks.

The Women’s Workwear collection is now available online at Kith.com and in all stores.

Source/Credit: Hypebae

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