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Another month, another CLOUD 9 feature. As we move into winter, we think that there’s no better way to celebrate – than with some new music! Over the past week, we’ve gathered the very best sounds from around the world and focused them into a 9-track compilation. The concept of this feature is to highlight some of the best music dropped over the past fortnight, but we frequently cheat with the time frame due to so much great music being released – sorry?

From PIVOT Gang‘s posse cut to EP outtakes, new singles and much more, there’s some great variety in store for edition no. 61. Two producers stood out in particular along with some promising new talent!

Please Note: these songs are not compiled in any particular order. Without further adieu, sit back, plug-in to the “Cloud of Sound”  as we present; 


1. Pivot Gang – “Blood” [Prod. daedaePIVOT & SqueakPIVOT]  

Saba may just be the most familiar name on PIVOT Gang‘s roster, however, there’s no sleeping on Joseph Chilliams, MFnMelo or Frsh Waters here. “Blood” is the latest posse cut from the Chicago crew, who also have in-house producers daedaePIVOT and SqueakPIVOT on the instrumental here. The bounce-heavy loosie arrives in true PIVOT style.


Occupying a brilliant space between soul, house and electronic music, enchanting singer-songwriter QUIÑ hits listeners with her hypnotizing new release, “Fairy Love“. This song follows up a consistent vibe set by the singer on her recent single, “Remind Me“.  Steadily building a solid catalogue, you can stream the track above now whether you decide to dance to it..or just chill.

3. ZANILLYA – In It 4 A Lifetime’

Zanillya is another singer-songwriter who’s steadily building a great catalogue and name for herself. The Amsterdam-based artist recently dropped her dancehall-influenced single, “In It 4 A Lifetime“. Providing those feel-good summer vibes through winter, Zanillya gifts us a slow dance release to get us through the colder months. Stream it now or on all major platforms here.

4. Nick Brewer – Ronaldo

Offering both introspective rhymes and gritty rap too, you can always rely on Nick Brewer to satisfy one of your musical tastes. “Ronaldo” serves as the second single taken from his new EP “Sidelines“, and is practically one big metaphor. Clever writing and a football-oriented single can never go amiss – especially since it’s based around the Brazillian footballing legend, R9. (not to be confused with his namesake from Portugal).

5. Sángo  – P.R.E.T.O.

An ability to keep your listeners thoroughly engaged for a few minutes without vocals is a testament to how good you really are as a producer, and Sángo quite often does exactly that. He recently dropped “P.R.E.T.O.” which shows no lapse approach, and brings that Brazillian-funk influenced style to the table we know him specifically for. In short – Sángo just went full Sángo on us.

6. Yiigaa – Maroon Sky

Yiigaa dropped a lovely three-track project recently that just can’t be overlooked, with “Maroon Sky” leading the way. “Bamboo” featuring Finn Foxell seems to be a fan favourite from the mini EP, “Blue Rivers In My Wrist“, which also features Lsow on the first track “Rosé“. All demonstrating why Yiggaa is certainly someone keep an eye on, be sure to tie everything together by listening to her other EP’s here.

7. El. Train – Chasing Rainbows Ft Hadiya George

El. Train featuring Hadiya George is certainly worth the 7th spot, bringing you into their world ever-so-smoothly on the captivating new collab,”Chasing Rainbows“. Working with some of the best underground talents in the UK for a number of years now, the Brighton-based producer brings fresh neo-soul/electronic vibes. The video also dropped recently, check it out here.

 8. Devin Morrison & Mndsgn – Thnkfl

You may have seen a clip floating around of a middle-aged lady singing gospel to her family? Uplifting the spirits of everyone in the room? Well, talented producers Devin Morrision and Mndsgn pieced together a sweet refix which is borderline gospel greatness. If you aren’t playing this on Sunday morning then what are you playing?

9. Kwaku Asante – Worth

Last but definitely not least, Kwaku Asante presents our fantastic closer in the shape of “Worth“. A powerful song about one’s worth, even if they don’t know it themselves. This strong message, those heavy piano keys, and his raspy voice result in an all-round must-listen. It seems as though Asante is here to stay for sure, and it wouldn’t be farfetched to see a quick rise to stardom for the London-based musician.

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