Red Table Talk: A Racial Divide Among Women?

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Red Table Talk: A Racial Divide Among Women?

Nothing is off limits for the Pinkett-Smith family Facebook series, “Red Table Talk”. On the 12th of November, a timely discussion, but one certain to make some uncomfortable took place; the racial divide of women.

Daughter Willow and Mum Adrienne Banfield-Jones join host Jada Pinkett-Smith as they voice their hesitance around white people and the painful experiences that caused them to feel that way. Wise beyond her years, Willow states, “Because of the hurt and the tragedy and everything that has happened in our past, we have PTSD”.

The women came to an agreement that black women and white women can find common ground when it comes to being dominated by men.  Yet one of the most thought-provoking points of discussion is the way the women explain that racism at the hands of white women holds further betrayal and resentment.

“I think what crushes me specifically in regards to my relationship with white women [and] the thing that really breaks my heart… is that white women understand what it feels like to be oppressed,” says Jada. “

Racial diversity teacher Jane Elliot joins the discussion to offer her expertise. Elliot quickly breaks down racism in the digestible way that she’s become known for over the last 50 years. The anti-racism activist reiterated that we’re all one race: the human race.

Do you agree with what went down in Table Talk? Let us know.

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