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See all of Stan Lee’s Marvel movie cameos over the last two decades

Passing away yesterday (Nov. 12th) at age 95, Marvel‘s editor-in-chief, writer and chairman, Stan Lee, left a huge legacybehind him.

Likely to never be replicated, the comic-book icon is largely responsible for the development of the Marvel franchise, its superheroes, and their stories. Although, he will forever be remembered not just for his colossal impact on the world, but for his movie cameos too.

A supercut of all of his appearances can now be viewed above via the New York Daily News, who start off at the 1989 version of “The (Trial of the) Incredible Hulk“. The running gag has featured in pretty much every Marvel or Marvel-related film since, including the likes of Iron ManSpider-ManX-MenThorThe Avengers and more.

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