Balmain Renews its Logo for the First Time in 70 Years

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Balmain Renews its Logo for the First Time in 70 Years

Balmain, taking note from Celine and Burberry, is ushering the new era with a rejuvenated logo. This marks the first time in 70 years that the luxury brand has modified their logo. The French fashion house debuted the revised design in the Pre-Fall 2019 presentation. In addition, the logo will first appear on a new bag style dubbed the B bag, then also on the graphic T-shirts and bold buckles in the pre-fall 2019 collection.

For the update, creative director Oliver Rousteing enlists the help of design studio Adulte Adulte. The latest design takes a more minimalist stance, in comparison to the previous, traditionally extravagant logo. Also, The clean motif weaves together a B and a P as one single letter. Therefore, this a reference to Pierre Balmain – the brand’s founder – and also to Paris.

Assuming the position of creative director in 2011, Rousteing is driving the brand into the new age with contemporary fashion and social media attentiveness. Growing the Instagram presence to 8.8 million followers, Balmain has become essential among the young fashionable generation.

Even as a more subtle design, the new logo carries a new found respect to the message it sends to consumers and the fashion industry at large. The redesign follows the news that Balmain is returning to the couture calendar for the first time in 16 years.

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