Nike to go ahead with Air Max 270 release despite complaints logo resembles “Allah”

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Nike to go ahead with Air Max 720 release despite widespread complaints from Muslim community

Some members of the Muslim community have pulled Nike up on what may be an accidental violation of their religion, by claiming that the sportswear brand’s new Air Max 270 silhouette features a logo which resembles the word “Allah” written in Arabic.

Identified and then campaigned about on social media, many have asked Nike to recall the product due to the writing on the outsole. However, in multiple statements (Fox News, Hypebeast etc.) from the brand, the conglomerate explains that they respect all religions and had no intention to disrespect anyone. However, they will still move forward with the release amidst intense pressures. This contemporary version of the “Air Max”  symbol is written in cursive and has been considered both blasphemous and offensive by a number of Muslims.

This is largely, but not entirely to do with, where the logo is placed, which is on the bottom of the shoe where it will be trampled and will become dirty.

A petition has been started in efforts to stop the release, with a petition gaining nearly 20k signatures here. It’s explained in greater over on  now, by the originator of the campaign, Saiqa Noreen.

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