McDonald’s to launch new McCafé Donut Sticks next week

McDonald’s to launch new McCafé Donut Sticks next week

To gain some stock in a growing “on-the-go” breakfast foods market, McDonald‘s aims to rival competitors with a new addition to their menu – McCafé Donut Sticks.

The sweet fried sticks come with options of six or a dozen and are served warm with cinnamon and sugar. Complementary to their own brand coffee, the dough rods will only be available during breakfast hours even though some locations serve breakfast all day.

According to USA Today, prices are to be determined locally, but the average price will be $2.59 for a half a dozen with a small cup of coffee, $1.69 for a half a dozen and $3.29 for a dozen.

Apparently made fresh throughout the morning, the popular fast-food chain is offering the snack for a limited time only, as they continue to test some breakfast alternatives for their customers and lovers of Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts amongst others.

Other additions and new creations which have gone down a treat across the U.S. include the Triple Breakfast Stacks sandwich and bagels, along with “fresh cracked eggs” hitting the mark in Canada.

Available at McDonald’s locations from February 20th, preview the McCafé Donut Sticks above now or be sure to comment your thoughts below.

Source: CNN

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