Zaire releases throwback ‘SILK ROAD’ visual

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London / American based act Zaire is hard at work. However, the act has returned with his latest release titled SILK ROAD, which takes influence from both old-school hip-hop soundscapes and 70’s – 90’s visual editorial.

The track itself is reminiscent of material from the likes of both Kurtis Blow and A Tribe Called Quest and focuses on the concept of authentic love and companionship. Visually, Zaire encapsulates many different eras throughout with homage to the neo-soul era, the new jack swing movement and a wider array of pivotal moments across both hip-hop and R&B. Also featured are some of Zaire‘s closest companions to help bring the music video to life.

Check out the visual for self-directed video ‘SILK ROAD’  above or be sure to leave a comment underneath. Also, click below to explore more new music and related content.

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