ATO showcases powerful lyricism with new single “still.running”

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ATO showcases powerful lyricism with new single “still.running”

Leeds-based lyricist ATO shares his fleeting thoughts once more, providing listeners with some powerful perspective on his newly released single, “still.running“.

Produced by frequent collaborator and close peer EDEN, the rising poet continues to impress by demonstrating his versiltity and in-depth songwriting. Harnessing both a medolic, indirectly catchy chorus and some strong words throughout the verses, ATO introspectively reflects on what’s been a packed year.

Speaking to us about his brand new release and what it means to him, ATO explains:

‘This new single is a lead up to my next project. On reflection it feels like having taken a few steps back, learning to let moments be what they are and finding ways to release tensions around situations you can’t control. A lot has happened over the last few years and i’ve found through everything it’s been important to find a calm that keeps you in touch with yourself when the world around you is changing. I think through all of that you can really start to move forward as an individual and take the good from the bad. I’ve been thinking a lot about finishing uni this summer, and after that.”

 He continues: “Coming to the end of any chapter really makes you think about meaning, value and bridges into the unknown, at the same time it’s been a constant reminder to let go and enjoy how far you’ve come. That’s very much what this song means for me now’

Gaining nearly 10k plays in less than 24 hours, the growing artist keeps chruning out what his listeners – both want to hear – and need to hear. In a climate of mental health being prominent, this young adult anthem gives people an arm around the shoulder and sees ATO show a relatable face by detailing his familiar journey in life.

Taken from his upcoming TBA project, stream “still.running” below via Spotify or be sure to listen on all other major streaming platforms now. Also, check out our coverage on ATO‘s previous release “2005” or visit our link underneath to explore more new music.

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