Michael Jackson has statue removed & music pulled from radio stations

Michael Jackson has statue removed, music pulled from radio, and episode pulled from The Simpsons following allegations

Major television networks HBO and Channel 4 have both housed the controversial new Sundance film “Leaving Neverland“, which explores Michael Jackson’s alleged sexual abuse with two children, who are now ready to tell their story as adults.

With some not believing the stories to be true, but for the majority of others confirming preexisting suspicions, the film has resulted in some serious repercussions for the deceased icon. Not only is this tarnishing his already-polarizing image, but now his music has actually been pulled from radio stations across the world. From Canada to New Zealand and everywhere in between, stations have removed his music from their playlists to coincide with the widespread shifting views of their listeners.

However, the backlash doesn’t stop there. A few days ago, it arose that a statue of Michael Jackson has been removed from Britain’s National Football Museum in the wake of the allegations. Furthermore, just yesterday, The Simpsons decided to pull episode “Stark Raving Dad,” from Season 3 (1991) which features Michael‘s voice. It’s likely more similar actions of this nature will soon follow.

The Jackson Estate is insistent that these claims are lies, as they plan to move forward with a lawsuit due to the belief that the film serves as a “public lynching” and “tabloid character assassination.”. What do you think about the situation?

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