Eats: Neon Cactus Launches New Mexican Menu

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The bar scene in Leeds has been a staple of the city for a long time now, but recently, they have been developing into great eateries as well.

Neon Cactus is no stranger to this and has been offering some of the best Mexican food you can get in Leeds. They have now introduced a new and improved menu, offering a great choice of food and catering to all dietary wants and needs. Our team was invited along to have a taste and see what we thought.

Firstly, the menu featured a good amount of choice, but not so much that you felt overwhelmed and ended up not knowing what to order. There was a great variety of Mexican staple foods, including burritos, tacos, nachos and more. There was also a great twist on them to offer something unique for your pallet too.

First off we had one of the burritos, packed to the brim with chorizo, rice, and beans. It was really flavoursome but not overly spicy, which was greatly appreciated. Spice can be a blessing to some foods, but a curse to others, however, with this dish you could make it as hot as you wanted to.

The shining star out of all the great foods was definitely the PB&J Tacos. An unreal combination of succulent fried chicken, with a sweet & spicy jam, and lovely smooth peanut butter was a perhaps unusual but winning combo.

Be sure to get down and grab some of this wonderful food along with some of the best cocktails in town, especially if you enjoy tequila!

If you have been, be sure to let us know what your favourite meal is below or on social media. Also, tap the link underneath to explore more food-related content.

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