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Hey July 7, what’s good, thanks for speaking with Lost Culture today!

Thank you guys for having me, it’s a pleasure.

So, how is everything? How do you feel about where you are and where you’re going?

Right now, I feel as though I have a lot to prove, I mean I’m early in the game and I feel as though I’m just getting my feet wet.

I’ve got so many sides I want to explore and share, and I know that the sky is the limit. So what I’m saying is, I understand that I’m not having anywhere near the level of impact that I want to have on the game.

I know you started out as a producer, what’s the transition been like for you changing into more of a recording artist?

At first, it was daunting I’m not going to lie. With every new challenge there’ll be positives and negatives, but I’m just happy to keep growing as an artist and keep revitalizing myself constantly.

Are you still hands-on, or are you collaborating with other producers now? I understand it’s a meticulous job doing both.

Everything you hear is produced by me. From the pianos to the guitars, I mix and master, record and write, from top to bottom everything is me. I do have people that I can bounce ideas off and I might send a track to one or two people I respect just to get their opinion, don’t get me wrong, but for the most part I shape what music speaks to me and what I think my audience wants to hear.

Being from Manchester, where did you get your style from, not many people from the city have embraced this type of sound? Soulection is a camp that comes to mind when I think about your sound, but who actually influences you?

I’ll put that down to the eclectic instruments I use, I take whatever I like and implement it into my style. I’m actually a big fan of – Pharrell, The Neptunes, Ryan Leslie – you know, the legends. My music will never sound exactly like theirs for the fact that why would I do something that’s already been done? Know what I mean?

I’m here to make new music which will be sampled in ten years – I want to be sampled in ten years time so I’m making the best music I can and what speaks true to my heart really.

Speaking of Soulection, what was it like to be on Sango’s album?

Sango is amazing man. He’s now one of my good friends and it’s still amazing to think that I’m on his album because he’s one of my biggest inspirations. He literally just reached out to me and was like, “yo, I want you to be on the album but I need it by tomorrow”. I sent everything back and he was like “OH S**T”.

I was gassed because he changed up the last section just for me, if you hear at the end, the beat changes a few times. But ye that’s how it happened, then we had the record. It’s one of my favourite records I’ve done.

In terms of social media, I see that you aren’t heavy on it. What do you think about the importance of that as an artist nowadays? People are making viral content, trying to keep up image-wise, etc.what are your thoughts on that?

Social media is a dope tool, it’s an amazing way to promote your music and that’s how I see it. At the end of the day, I’m here for my music. I put 110 percent into that and everything else comes second.

Speaking about Manchester, which artists from the city are you feeling right now?

I’ll be honest I don’t listen to a whole lot of Manchester music regularly. But I like Just Banco, I think he’s got some dope shit. I think his contribution to Manchester music is dope. I also wish that Manchester took more to it as opposed to things from London for example, but there’s reasons for that and that’s a different conversation.

Shout out to HMD, I think he’s dope and he’s a safe guy. Burgaboy is one of my biggest inspirations and I really like what IAMDDB is doing, I’ve actually produced a few records for her. I’m good friends with Bipolar Sunshine, all of his stuff is great and is doing well on the American side. We’re all pretty tightknit at this point.

I think it’s important to put these types of people from the city on the map, so people don’t think it’s all Oasis, we don’t want to go back to just being that. Also, Aitch there’s no way I can’t shout out Aitch.

How was your first headline show? Great concept keeping everything related to 7. What was it like having support from friends, family?

It was dope, it was completely independent all organized by myself and my close circle. We only had a month to put it together, it was a spur of the moment thing but we were like “why not? let’s do it”. We had free drinks, people came and sold it out, overall it was dope man we got many more to come.

In terms of your Sweets EP, you have the singles “Boy” and “Pronto”, did you know they would take off?

I don’t think anybody knows what’s going to connect really. I guess for the artist, what’s important is just about making music that they like.

After that, it’s just a great feeling knowing people like it too, and that’s all it is right? All my song’s are basically freestyles, I go to the mic and say what I feel, and I think people can pick up on the magic we make in those moments.

Talk to me about your last single “Angels & Demons”, I like that song a lot.

Thank you man. I was playing around on my acoustic guitar, and came up with some little riffs and melodies. Then we laid those down, made the beat around that, and then once it was done we just started to push it man. It’s kind of about me finding balance, the concept also is about me having demons and my girl having her angels.

Any more music coming?

Right now it’s about the “Chocolate” EP and all of the single’s from that, but stay tuned man we got more stuff coming.

Last thing, I know you used to DJ, play multiple instruments, produce, songwrite and more, but what else do you want to get into, acting, fashion etc?

That’s to be continued, but it’s safe to say, expect everything I haven’t done before to be done eventually.

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