Review: Benny the Butcher “The Plugs I Met”

Review: Benny the Butcher “The Plugs I Met”

If you haven’t heard anything from Benny the Butcher or Griselda before, you’re missing out. Coming out of Buffalo, New York they have been on a rampage and have been releasing some of the best content of the decade.

Benny’s project from last year, “Tana Talk 3” served as a notice to everyone just how serious these guys are to be taken, they’re very real and very very solid at what they do. They rap like nobody else you’ve ever heard, but Benny alone is a threat too.

I’m fortunate to have listened to Benny before, so when I heard how he was going on in the opening track I had a massive smile on my face. One of his opening bars be “if it’s less than 100 racks it don’t
deserve your attention.”, how can you not love this? I’m a big fan of the drug-fuelled rap, not just someone rapping and throwing in a few drug references but real drug dealer rap. There’s just something about the authenticity of a rapper telling me a story or just anecdotes that hooks me in, that’s what Benny does.

Through the course of the EP, he’s able to paint this vivid picture of himself as a drug kingpin, and you can envision it perfectly. Whether he’s rapping turning an hour journey into three because he wants to drive his Bentley or the fact he can turn your front door to a drug store and any kitchen into a lab. Benny is very nice with it, but also very literal. When he spits, he’s describing it like nobody else, Hip Hop By The Numbers on Twitter found that of the 182 bars spat on the project, there are 11.96 words per bar. That’s a ridiculous stat.

The features don’t outshine him, they act as contemporaries for Benny, which is something to behold considering he is relatively new to the game. When you look at his features and really take note of who they are, you understand just how big Griselda can become. Pusha T, Black Thought, Jadakiss, 38 Spesh. Kingpins linking up to make some heat. For these artists to respect you and want to work with you when you’re still this unheard of proves how tough an artist you are.

He referenced the EP on his last project, rapping in Broken Bottles” – “I might write a whole album about the plugs I met” – and true to his word he did. Benny is cold and calculated throughout, with the album only being 7 tracks long (including a skit) it doesn’t run on too far and contains no filler. It leaves you wanting more but serves as a perfect taste of what you can expect. It feels as if this year will really be the year everybody takes notice of Griselda both as a collective and as individuals too, this is a project that will go down as one of best of the year for sure.

Words by Rohan Parmar

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