Review: Future is “vulnerable, raw & emotional” on new EP “Save Me”

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Review: Future is “vulnerable, raw & emotional” on new EP “Save Me”

Future has been one of the most iconic rappers of the 2010s, whether it be his melodic autotune solo tracks like Purple Reign or his collaborative efforts with Drake like Jumpman, he has been at the forefront of the game for a while now.

This is why, when he posted on Instagram the other day, anticipation built instantly and rightly so, as Future has come back with a bang in the form of his Save Me EP. A melancholic project, fuelled by the autotune sound that has made Future such a star.

The EP revolves around a lot of what we’ve heard from him before; drugs and women. This isn’t a bad thing, Future is one of those artists you listen to for a reason, you know what you’re getting from him. This is what makes him stand out, he’s reliable in a sense. On the second track St Lucia he raps “found out I cheated on her, she still feed me grapes”, a ludicrous lyric that only he can pull off.

Future’s life is a movie, and every project is a representation of that. His hazy, floaty rap style is reminiscent of a dream sequence from a David Lynch movie sometimes, he’s carved out his own sound and it’s tracks like Shotgun that show this. The pain in his voice is elevated by the autotune, as he stretches out the lyrics yet rushes them at the same time, his adlibs in the background that echo what he’s just rapped add an element of almost paranoia that he’s trying to create. It’s like he’s talking to himself and it’s this vibe throughout that makes Future’s music so intriguing.

At only 7 tracks coming in at 20 minutes, it’s hard to grasp anything thoroughly with it, but that’s fine, it feels like a taster of what’s to come and there is still enough substance to make it an enjoyable listen. Future also has a knack of having a lot of quotables within his raps more than the average rapper, meaning 7 songs from him has him coming out with lines like “Please tell me I can buy Chanel for you”.

On the final track Love Thy Enemies his verse plays and reads more like a recital of poem than anything else with lines like “Save my flesh, I’m in need of your love” and “Caught in temporary illusion, treat me like property but you pursuin’”. There is real emotion on display here, it’s worth reading the lyrics as you listen along if you can.

On Save Me Future is vulnerable, raw and emotional yet still as flamboyant and cool as we’ve come to expect from him. At only 20 minutes long it’s a short trip into the Atlanta native’s mind, but it is one we can come away from refreshed and eager for more.

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Words by Rohan Parmar

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