Review: Abnormal Sleepz – “Kaleidoscope”

Abnormal Sleepz offers beautiful versatility and lyricism on his introductory project for many – “Kaleidoscope”

Perhaps one of the more exciting names buzzing in and around Manchester is Abnormal Sleepz, who describes himself as “upcoming underground artist/DJ/Producer” on his Bandcamp, but with the release of his latest album “Kaleidoscope“, he’s proved he’s not a guy to be sleeping on.

The album is an exploration of sound with thick Mancunian pronunciation of certain words and phrases serving as a beautiful example of juxtaposition, this is clear from the outset too. The opening track “P.Y.E has lyrics like “five-o’s in the whip, thinking fuck it let’s get rich”, which when rapped in his accent gives off such a more realistic vibe to it. It’s not like everybody else you hear on the radio, and it’s a great double entendre too.

In my head, it’s a perfect autumn project. If that even means anything? The music gives off a warm feeling, the instrumentals transport you to a little café, watching the leaves fall and dilute the city concrete with flash floods of crimson. The vocals complement the beats perfectly too, reflective and poignant lyrics matched with some hard and soft flows. Songs like “Norf Freestyle” and “Gino” embody this more than most, they’re very introspective and showcase his storytelling ability.

It appears as though that’s what sets him apart from a lot of UK artists, they seem to have a lot of quotables but he has this ability to keep you engrossed with the song both through the lyrical content but also just through the sonic soundscape the songs hold.

The features he has work very well too and served well to introduce many to other new artists like HMD, Misha B and DRS. The only criticism for the features would be that we didn’t get to hear Fox really go at it on “No Love“, if you’ve seen his P110 you’ll know the guy’s ability, but maybe that’s something for the future between the two.

Honestly,  if you go into “Kaleidoscope” not knowing what to expect from it, you’ll find that it’s a very solid body of work. “Like I Do is one of the standouts and the album and one of the songs of the year for me, it’s a very easy listening track and the piano actually reminiscent of some of Tyler, the Creator’s work on “BASTARD” and “GOBLIN“.

You may not have heard of him before, but after checking this album out, you should be keeping an ear out. There’s definitely a lot of potential for Abnormal Sleepz to go very far in this game, and you don’t wanna hop on the bandwagon late!

words by Rohan Parmar

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