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G Perico brings both “fun” and “serious”  authentic West-Coast rap on new LP, “Ten Eight”

It’s impossible to think of an intro for our “Ten Eight” review without reiterating what was said by LA Leakers on the intro – so we’ll just paraphrase that. When you think of LA, you think of G Perico – but if you don’t know that name yet, you’re in for a treat.

He makes authentic street music, a sound people can trust, when he speaks you know he ain’t lying. He might be stunting, but he ain’t lying.

He’s a charismatic artist through and through, with his high pitched voice and Jheri curl setting him apart from the rest. He brings a refreshing contrast differing from the generic West Coast gangsta rapper who seems to spark up every year. There’s only a handful who can do it and be respected instantly, and G Perico is definitely one of them.

His previous projects such as “2 Tha Left” and “Shit Don’t Stop” have had a lot more gangsta rap on them, whereas this has a lot more commercial stuff – and that’s in his words, not mine. He spoke to Complex and described this as being something you can vibe and party to, and this is apparent throughout the 11-track album.

Sprinkled throughout there are songs like Big Raccs and Lil Baby that are there to serve a purpose of commercial songs, but they still sonically sound good and are fun to listen to. But the pace and sound aren’t lost on other songs where the lyrical content carries more serious tones.

Joints like “Ten-Eight” and “Dog Year” speak on some harsh hood truths yet keep a bouncy pace throughout, but they have some lyrics you really need to hear and not just nod your head to. Both poignant and potent, lines like “I’m running out of time here, if you don’t get life then you get murdered and die here” are rapped over a slapping synth and drums, so it’s easy to miss.

The biggest takeaway from this 25-minute long project from G Perico is that he knows what certain people want to hear, and how he can best achieve that. Short songs, with snappy hooks, hard bars and charisma throughout. Sure he could make longer storytelling tracks, he certainly has the ability but will that get more streams than a 2-minute song where he raps about a girl trying to chase him now he famous?

Probably not. That isn’t a knock to him though, if anything it’s a compliment. Some artists can think like that and make awful music, but G Perico is still out here making real West Coast shit to bump, and there’s always gonna be a demand for that.

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words by Rohan Parmar

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