11 Songs To Usher You Into Autumn

11 Songs To Usher You Into Autumn

As the autumn months roll in, it’s time to start getting out the big coats and the nice hoodies. Time to start staying in when it starts raining, but also to appreciate the beauty of the crimson and autumnal colours surrounding it all. What better to compliment all of that, than some music? These songs listed below fit perfectly with autumn, whether due to lyrics or just a general feel, they’re sure to help warm you up in the coming months, handpicked by yours truly!

Burial – Archangel

We start with one of the greatest electronic songs of all time, the talent that is Burial released this in 2007 and revolutionised the landscape of electronic music. The track feels bare but is uplifted by the Metal Gear Solid 2 sample that runs throughout, giving it a dark but angelic feeling. The song is perfect for late rainy night commutes and others or the sort. It’s a song reminiscent of late-night train journeys, as you overlook the street lights lighting up the darkness.  It’s just well and truly a masterpiece in atmospheric music.

Viktor Vaughn ft. Apani B – Let Me Watch

This song is storytelling at its finest, as Vik (MF DOOM) and Nikki (Apani B) go back and forth telling us about their short-lived romance. The way they describe it so vividly paints a picture in one’s head, you can almost picture them splitting a cherry coke as they walk down a New York street with leaves falling off the trees. The instrumental is similar to something you’d associate with a swanky underground jazz club in New York too, with ‘cuffing season’ coming up maybe this is the perfect song to listen to know what to and maybe more importantly what not to say.

Alfa Mist – 7th October

It’s quite hard not to include this in this list when it’s title is a date in autumn. Alfa Mist really made a classic when he made Antiphon, and this is arguably the best on the album. Again, it’s another song featuring yet another piano loop, but as well there’s a live band feel to it and his introspective lyrics really immerse you in the music from the get go. The second act of the song features a voice talking about a whole bunch of things, but over an instrumental, it just adds a whole different element to it. A perfect song for a brisk walk somewhere, to help you face the cold.

Kids These Days – My Days

I feel my opinion of this song is automatically tinted with orange and crimson mainly due to the video, but I think it’s one of those even without the video it still gives off the same vibe. My Days, from what is the band that launched Vic Mensa’s career, features a beautiful little guitar riff as well as trumpets/saxophones which add such a melancholic yet so endearing feel to the song. The lyrics themselves evoke this time of year “summer’s over and I’m going to school again” is the most plain sighted example. Side note, if this is your first time hearing Kids These Days I highly recommend checking out their EP Traphouse Rock!

Danny Brown x Clams Casino – Worth It

There’s a recurring theme throughout this article that the instrumental is key to what provides the autumn feeling in a song and that’s present throughout. It’s an ominous, unpredictable beat. There’s off beat drums, reverbed Danny Brown lyrics and adlibs all over, as well as somewhat randomly placed sound effects. It’s a very Clams Casino beat, and Danny Brown completely owns it. His flow and lyricism are on point, his lyrical content challenges the price of fame as he asks throughout “Is it really worth it?” in what you feel is a semi-biographical track. Both artists really at their best.

Sub Luna City – City Rivims MK1

This is kind of a cop-out, as this is an album, not a song – but the whole album appears as one long track on Soundcloud so there. Clocking in at 35:32, it’s not exactly amazingly long either. The songs blend together seamlessly so much so it just sounds like a mix, but they all present one with the feeling of dark nights in a city – hence the album name. The poignancy displayed throughout the lyrics which include a subject matter of not being safe in your home city and being broke amongst other things really hit home with a lot of people. The group is made up of King Krule, Jadasea, Rago Foot and Black Mack, so join them on a journey through the underground of British culture and more namely British rap.

Rejjie Snow ft. Jesse James Solomon – USSR

This joint off of Rejjie Snow’s critically acclaimed 2013 EP Rejovich features another Sub Luna City cohort in the form of Jesse James Solomon. Both artists perform some terrific verses over a meddling piano loop, whilst the chorus of “Illuminati that’s the enemy” is a line sure to stick in your head all day. Rejjie’s voice, especially at this point in his career, adds so much to his music. It’s dark, husky, deep and just so refreshing in terms of UK Hip Hop. It’s an underground classic so put your headphones in and be taken away!

Busta Rhymes – Gimme Some More

I was thinking there needs to be a Halloween type song here somewhere, and it’s so hard to narrow it down, but how could I not choose this? Busta Rhymes is arguably at his peak here, as he raps full pace over a beat underlined with a sample from Hitchcock’s classic horror/thriller Psycho. His aggression, energy and tone of voice complete this song adding to the somewhat dark feel to it already even though the lyrical content is more braggadocious than anything else.

Spencer. feat. Ishmael Raps – Open Wide

This song really is just a slow, beautiful song about a relationship going sour but the emotion it fills one with makes you want to replay it over and over. The slow build throughout culminates with a soulfully expressed verse from Ishmael Raps and a beautiful guitar solo. It’s one of many greats songs from the up and coming artist Spencer. but it’s this one that definitely fits the autumn aesthetic better than most.

Danny Sanchez – Backstrap Blues

I’ll admit I don’t know too much about Danny Sanches but this song, produced by henance, is an introspective trip into his life but also a very relatable one. Lyrics like “I’m not saying I never had nothing, I had something, it was this feeling of guilt like a sword in my stomach stabbed straight to the hilt” and “when I’m careless my mother cares less ‘cause I’m getting old now, gotta make my own bread. I feel a lot of young British males will be able to resonate with some of the words spoken throughout this song, and it’s something to help many get through tough times.

Westside Gunn – Summerslam 88

There is crispness in the air that matches this beat so well. Produced by Your Old Droog, there is a loop from a David Ruffin song that is almost piercing to the ear, basically, this beat is autumn if autumn was a beat. Pair that with the hard-hitting nature of Westside Gunn, and it is a slap in the face in the best way possible. How you gonna start a song with “I’m more coke seller less Coachella”? Incredible stuff here from the Griselda man, and something to definitely bring heat to your ears in these cold months.

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