Stormzy vs Wiley Disses: Eediyat Skengman & Still Disappointed

Stormzy vs Wiley Disses Phases 2 & 3: Eediyat Skengman & Still Disappointed

Stormzy may have just wrapped up his back and forth with Wiley, as he drops “Still Disappointed” – a very strong rebuttal to Wiley‘s latest send “Eediyat Skengman 2.

For all backstory on the beef between the two grime giants, please check out our recent article here, otherwise you should be pretty much up to speed. With all major news outlets now covering the heavyweight clash, things continue to escalate between the two MC’s.

As heard in the diss above, Stormzy was not at all happy with the lines in Wiley‘s latest send directed towards harming his mother. Although referencing doing the same to Wiley‘s father, it would seem those hard-hitting lines conjured up the venom in what Stormzy is stating will be his last track in the exchange.

Addressing people who claimed he lost points because he rapper over drill, we’ll have to see if any more disses fly as we keep an eye on Stormzy vs Wiley.

Working backwards from the latest song above to the first diss at the bottom, check out the battle now and be sure to tell who you think winning.

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