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Action Bronson’s Latin Grammys is the summer heat in time for the heatwave.

Action Bronson is hip hop’s do it all man. He’s a rapper, a chef, a TV presenter and just all-around stand-up guy. Recently he’s been working on slimming down his much-known figure, and this latest video for Latin Grammys is an ode to his fitness kick.

It features Bronson in 1995’s world strongest man contest, competing under the name Action Ver Magnusson. It’s a very Action Bronsonesque video, following somewhat of a story whilst he gets to be his usual charismatic self.

At one point in the video, an interviewer asks him how he got started in these competitions, his reply? “Bitch I’m living la Vida Loca” as the music comes back in. The beat produced by Tommy Mas aptly fits the name Latin Grammys with its mariachi influenced trumpet and guitars going throughout.

The track is rife with what you expect from him, references to wrestlers like when he spits “Like Lex, dance moves with the pecs” to comparisons to celebrities “I fly the plane better than Tom Cruise”.

With a new project Only For Dolphins on the way, this could be the start of an Action Bronson takeover. Altogether, his sonic style on this beat makes it perfect for the heatwave. Sit back and enjoy this with an ice-cold drink in the sun, and live la Vida Loca!