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Meekz Manny debut project sets up his career perfectly.

One of Manchester’s hottest new acts, Meekz Manny has finally dropped his debut album Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. Meekz from his Hoods Hottest on P110’s YouTube and never really looked back.

With a deep voice and a deadpan, cold flow, Meekz has carved out his own lane in the game. There are no doubts when you’re listening to one of his songs it’s him. He’s not just lost in the scene like some other artists.

The album’s opening track Manifesto is like a who’s who of the culture’s biggest names giving Meekz his props. From Giggs to Charlie Sloth, Lippy Lickshot to Kenny Allstar. Everybody who knows of him knows it is his time, and this is the perfect way to set him up for those who don’t.

At 7 tracks long, it is a short and concise project which allows him to showcase his talents and exhibit his Manny accent and flow. Fans have heard the songs ‘6 Figures’ and ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ but they have a replayability factor about them. Every time you listen you catch another bar.

The fact there is no features as well brings nothing but good omens to Meeks. To be able to put out a very solid project where it is only you performing can only mean the world of good.

He can accentuate and refine his style throughout the album, kicking open the door to help the North into the game.

No two tracks sound the same either thankfully. Whether it be a Bone Thugs sample (6 Figures) or Rap Bands where it sounds like the producer has taken guitar chords straight out of a Final Fantasy game, his versatility is here for all to see.

On ‘Big Bag’ he raps “I’m too young to sit down I can’t put my feet up”. He displays his energy and enthusiasm for the game. For a rapper who at 21 was in prison, to come out and take this music seriously is what’s needed. This is something people praise him for on the aforementioned Manifesto.

If keeps this hunger he’s got, he’s sure to go far. Not just musically but visually too. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop already has 4 videos and all are very different.

For example in the titular track, we see him riding round in a tank. In Like Me, we see multiple versions of him from previous videos sat around a table rapping.

His originality can be paired with that of other Manchester creatives like KC Locke who directed 3 of the videos, to create something better than just the music. The fact the North has been ignored for so long will only make the fire in creatives bellies roar louder.

“I love Manny, but I really need the whole game” from 6 Figures is the standout line for me. His talent can take him further than his hometown, but he will forever put it on. That’s what this game is all about, repping your ends. Meekz does that to the fullest.

With more eyes than ever fixated on the UK rap scene, Meekz mindset will help take him and his city to the next level. If he continues performing at this level he truly can’t and won’t be stopped.