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Prospa’s new video is an exploration of a young couple’s life in lockdown.

Leeds/London based duo Prospa has returned with a new visual for their song ecstasy. Following on from the gargantuan debut year that saw songs like “Prayer” and “Intended” take over every sound system in the country, this new one follows suit.

The track captures so much exuberance. This is exemplified from the underlying synth all the way to the soulful vocal sample. It’s an infectious song that is perfect for the summer, even if we are still inside for most of it.

The video follows a young couple’s life in lockdown, and per Prospa’s Instagram it shows them “doing nothing but all they could do, show love to one another during a strange time”.

It’s a beautiful video, with shots that wouldn’t seem out of place in a Safdie brothers’ movie. Directed by Joao Retorta, it captures the essence of this uncertain time, conveying the emotions many are seemingly feeling. Random bursts of energy to an uncontrollable melancholy at times.